Our Story


For over 30 years, Enavose’s team of like-minded scientists and chemists poured their mind and soul into researching the possibilities of longevity for skin and body. The desire to improve the quality of life and in living itself, propelled our researchers – with support from renowned cell experts – to delve deep to uncover the truth to attaining youthfulness. What we discovered set forth a revolution in cosmeceuticals.

In a stroke of scientific ingenuity, Envacel was created. An au-natural compound derived from yeast, Envacel represented the core of our findings – to increase the greatest energy production in skin so nutrients could be better absorbed to maximize cell functions. Envacel was the catalyst to stimulate more energy in cells, pushing it to absorb the highest amount of nutrients possible and enhance harmonious communication between the cells of the skin.

This efficiency in nutrient absorption could only mean feeding skin with the best in botanical ingredients so skin absorbs what is good and wholesome. Having chemicals in our cosmeceuticals would not make sense in this equation.

Based on studies unique to Enavose Life Science Research, a profound understanding of the intrinsic way people in the past used natural resources for remedies was cultivated. For thousands of years, they relied on the vast assortment of natural herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, natural spring water, glacial water and Dead Sea minerals to seek remedies for their skin conditions and body health. They lived in harmony with nature and sought benefits from resources found in their surroundings.

Enavose believes the power of nature is not to be underestimated and the knowledge passed down from ancient generations is much alive and living. We trust nature holds the key to the answers for longevity. It is within that belies a potential waiting to be uncovered.

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