Sunscreen plays an important role in the sun defence arsenal. Skin experts from Enavose reveals shockingly common sun protection myths.

Sunscreen with the highest SPF has the best protection. 

Walk into any retail pharmacy, you will find an array of sunscreens to select from. They range from waterproof, sweatproof, SPF15, SPF30, SPF45 to SPF50 – while these numbers spins wildly out of control, most of us are still confused about what SPF would be suitable and sufficient. The higher the number, the better coverage it has, right? Not necessarily.

First and foremost, understanding what SPF means is crucial. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is just an indication of how long it takes for UVB rays which causes sunburn. Hence while using a sunscreen with SPF15 means that it will give your skin 15 times more protection as compared to not wearing any sunscreen.  

Enavose Expert Advice: Ensure that your sunscreen offers a broad-spectrum protection. Apply sun protection at least 15 minutes before going out in the sun. When in doubt, just reapply!

"I'm just going out for a while, I don't need sun protection."

This is a common misconception amongst many. Sun damage does not only occur when you are fully exposed for example at the beach or water parks. You are constantly exposed to UV daily from daylight. “But I’m deskbound and most of the time in the office. Why would I need sunscreen?” Sun damage can occur even through windows! Now you have no excuse to skip sunscreen.