Scientists believe that up to 90% of ageing is caused by free radicals produced from increased pollution, intense UV rays, unhealthy lifestyle and poor nutrition.

This damage causes your skin and body to be older than you really are. Not sure what it means? It means your biological age could be higher than your actual age. Worried now? Biological age is based on physiology and can reveal how well you are taking care of your skin and body.

Now, based on technology used by Russians to assess the health condition of their astronauts before flight, you can discover your true biological age with our AgeLogic Test. It gives you clear indications of your health and wellness as well as your skin’s ageing progress.

  • Hassle-free, non-invasive 15 minutes test
  • On-the-spot results with professional advice
  • Accurate overview of health and skin wellness
  • Feel free to bring friends and family down

Pre-empt potential problems and change your future. Learn from our friendly consultants how you can steer your skin and health journey onto the right track and embark on the path of youth, starting from the inside out. Come on down for a complimentary testing now and receive a complimentary Enavose trial-sized product!