Breakthrough research in skin science shows that antioxidants in skin care helps to limit the production of free radicals which damage skin cells and cause accelerated aging.

Here are top 5 antioxidant benefits that’s been demonstrated to stop skin ageing in its tracks:

  1. Anti-inflammation. Antioxidants exert valuable anti-inflammatory results by increasing circulation and cell metabolism. Reducing inflammation keeps melanin formation well regulated, promotes a more even skin tone and helps diminish wrinkles.
  2. Skin firming. Antioxidants have been shown to reverse the effects of aging by improving skin health and rejuvenating its appearance. Try moisturizers and other skin treatments with skin-firming antioxidants. Anti oxidants help build collagen and elastin, the substances that keep skin smooth and firm.
  3. Reduced appearance of wrinkles:  Antioxidants help plump out the skin and make it appear more youthful. Most antioxidants are great for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Good quality natural products incorporate these super vitamins and minerals in skin care.
  4. Scar repair Reducing the appearance of scar tissue is another important benefit of antioxidants in skin care. Scar tissue has a different cell structure than that of healthy skin, making it rigid. Many types of antioxidants minimize the look of the scar and blend in the development of new skin.
  5. Sun damage protection: .You've heard it before: sun exposure is the number one cause of premature aging. Ultraviolet light from the sun breaks down collagen and elastin, the substances that keep skin smooth and firm. Antioxidants that stimulate blood flow in the skin can help encourage the growth of new cells and make sun-damaged skin appear younger.